storage solutions for the Retail SUpply Chain

Retail stores from both big-box stores to local small businesses use storage containers throughout their entire supply chain. From displaying & selling products to managing the backend of the supply chain, retail chains are always looking at ways to improve their space usage outside of their sales floor.

In addition to being used as an extra storage space to better manage their in-store space usage, they can also be used as a multi-use space during renovations in place of offices, backrooms, or showroom floors. Storage containers are useful for inventory management & are useful in building material for retail stores & pop-up shops particularly in urban areas.


Using Containers in Retail Spaces

Additional Storage

Containers can provide additional storage for materials, equipment, tools & other cargo needed anywhere within the supply chain.

Multi-Use Space

When you want to pursue renovations your your retail business or you are looking to clean up after a natural disaster, our storage containers can be linked together to replace your office, backroom, or showroom floor while the original building is being repaired or remodeled.

Pop-up Store Fronts

If your business is looking to move into a new city or test out a new product line, you can use our containers as storefronts for your temporary pop-up shop. Because of their portability, they can be set up in areas that have seasonal & periodical use such as a sporting event during the summer months.

retail store made from shipping containers

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