For your personal Storage needs & projects

Homeowners who are short on space use storage containers as a means to keep their belongings safe & secure while clearing out space in their residence. An on-site storage container saves you space, time & money without having to haul your possessions to an off-site facility while keeping your valuables accessible.

Our containers can provide your additional storage solution to your home remodel or your personal project. Whether you choose to build a new tool shed or you choose to store home furnishings & equipment. You can have peace-of-mind with our focus on security & affordability.

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Using Containers for personal use

Storing Home Furnishings

Our containers can be used to store essential & non-essential items so that you can focus on your life while saving space, time & money.

Renovations & Home Repair

Our durable, wind & watertight containers help keep your valuable belongings safe from theft & weather damage.

Personal Projects

Our containers can be modified into a new backyard tool shed or a new modular container house perfect for homeowners who want to save space while living in a house that they want to showcase.

storage container outside of a house

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