for Both Light & Heavy Industries

Businesses in the industrial & manufacturing industries have differing needs with needing modular office space & storage solutions in varying industries. Our containers provide the solution with durability & security in mind.

The need for storage is important in manufacturing. Our containers provide secure storage solutions to store plenty of raw materials for any project. Their wind & water tight design, protects & stores your materials from theft & weather damage so that you can get back to focusing on larger tasks.


Using Containers in Manufacturing

Additional Storage

Containers can provide additional storage for materials, equipment, tools & other cargo needed for both heavy & light industries.

Temporary Offices

Shipping containers are large & sturdy enough to be used as guard shacks, in-plant offices, & mobile office trailers. Their steel structure allows them to be durable enough to handle any accident to provide a safe workspace & storage in blast areas.

Liquid Storage Tanks

Containers can be used to hold liquids in bulk during plant shutdowns. This includes water, gasoline, oils, chemicals & acids, & other miscellaneous liquids.

manufacturing facility at dawn

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