robust storage solutions for your farming facility

Our repurposed containers are a perfect storage solution for farms from production to distribution. They can be used for nurseries, gardens, farms, agricultural supplies, & ranch & livestock supplies.

In addition to being used as additional storage for crops, tools & equipment, they are also being used as temporary housing for seasonal & part-time staff.

birds eye view of an unplanted farm

Using Containers on your farm

Farming Machinery Equipment Storage

Our wind & watertight containers help protect your farming equipment from theft, rain storms & harsh winter conditions.

Harvest & Feed Storage

Our containers can be used to store excess harvest & livestock feed. Our containers are very durable & are built to protect your valuable inventory from the elements as well as providing a dry environment free from insects & rodents who may tamper with your harvest.

Temporary Housing

Cargo containers can be modified to accommodate for temporary housing units for seasonal & part-time workers on your farm. They can be customized to fit in doors, windows, air conditioning, electricity, & all other accommodations necessary for a comfortable & secure interior space


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