Extra storage without permanent storage costs

We carry storage trailers for sale & for rent. Our trailers come with aluminum roofing, swing & roll door options, & same-day delivery within 100 miles of Bowling Green, Kentucky.

Our trailers come in 53ft & are able to be transported directly to your loading dock. They come with a variety of benefits which make our trailers an in-demand choice for your storage needs.

Call today to tell us about your storage requirements and we’ll help you find a container that fits your needs.

overhead view of semi trailers

Benefits for Semi-trailer storage

Extremely Secure

Our trailers are an extremely safe option to deter theft & are designed to be durable in order to support the loading & unloading of equipment.

Wind & Watertight

Our wind & watertight equipment is designed to completely wind & waterproof. Cargo that is placed inside these trailers are protected & safe from the elements.

Easy to Access & Deliver

These trailers are a perfect way to keep your cargo as easy to access for when you need it most. They serve as an extension to your building through their large frame allowing you to seamlessly walk into without having to leave the building.

semi truck on a highway

trailer Specifications Chart

45ft Trailer
48ft Trailer
53ft Trailer
External Length
External Width
8ft 6"
8ft 6"
8ft 6"
External Height
9ft 6"
9ft 6"
9ft 6"
Internal Length
44ft 5"
47ft 5"
52ft 5"
Internal Width
8ft 2"
8ft 2"
8ft 2"
Internal Height
8ft 10"
8ft 10"
8ft 10"

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